Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finding Perspective

Our membership is the most important part of the CAF. Without our members we would never get anywhere. Earl Teporten has done a wonderful job of capturing the members who volunteered Saturday. The different perspective is great to see. Volunteering at MNCAF is more like an afternoon with friends than a job... stop in and see how you can help!!! (Pictures thanks to Earl Teporten)

(Bob Wright, Art Minkle, Lorie Minkle, Ron Legg and Tim Gunter open up the hangar and enjoy the sun.)

(Tim Gunter preps to move the BT-13.)

(Bob cleans up after the BT.)

(Emil Quasabart is instrumental in keeping the hangar clean.)

(Tim and Art hanging the Flag weight.)

("I love work; it fascinates me; I can sit and watch it for hours.")

(Larry Utter arrives just in time for the food!)

(Earl Teporten, Kurt Koukkari and Larry enjoy BBQ by "Iron Chef" Ron Legg.)

(New member Curt Miller talks with Bob Wright about being a MNCAF aircraft mechanic.)

(Kurt and Larry discuss the finer points in life.)

(Dick Leighninger has arrived!)

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