Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weekly Update - 20June to 25June

Good Day Everyone! This weeks Blog is going to be a little different. As I was not present over the weekend or the majority of the day Wednesday all of my information is second hand. A big Thank You to all who kept me in the loop! The B-25 should be on her way to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. That will be a one-day flyover scenario, and the hope is for Miss Mitchell to return Friday. The PT-22 Engine is installed, all it's peripherals are mounted and we are looking forward to an engine run soon. The P-51 still maintains its forward progress, with a goal of attending Oshkosh in a month (we need volunteers for that!). At the hangar, the forklifts were finished off... both should be in good working order... that will be confirmed Saturday. The cleaning of the hangar is really starting to make a difference... It's looking good everyone! The Dehmel is coming along, with help from numerous sources. The hanging flag has been stabilized also so it doesn't flip over on itself in the wind. Let me know if I've missed anything of importance everyone!!! Pictures to follow.

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