Friday, April 22, 2011

The Grape Escape!

This year we put together an off site gather called The Grape Escape. A Wine Tasting/Fundraiser, it focused on Wine and Warbirds. A rock band was featured (the Red Pens) and the CAF had a presence in numerous ways. The event was successful, and will be something we continue to expand on in the future. Thank you to all who helped make it happen!
(Photos Thanks to Matt Holland)

(The logo of the event, fun twist on a great movie!)

(Linda Franke was on hand with PX items)

(A glass engraver etched in designs on bottles and glasses for a $5 donation to the CAF)

(The work she does is incredible!)

(The patrons mingle...)

(...taste wine...)

(...peruse pieces of history...)

(...and enjoy deserts!)

(Thanks to everyone who helped!)

(And be sure to join us next Grape Escape!)

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