Friday, April 22, 2011

First Show of the Year

Early in the flying season is the Doolittle Raiders Reunion. Having a B-25 operation, it is an important event for us. We like to attend for various reasons, but the most prevalent is to honor the Doolittle Raiders who are still with us, and those who have passed. This year, the Reunion took place in Lincoln, NE. It was not nearly as large and flamboyant as last years, but it was none-the-less important and an honor to attend.
(Photos Thanks to Nate Timm and Linda Franke)

(First stop for Miss Mitchell's crew was the SAC Museum)

(They had an opportunity to tour this massive facility...)

(And even get in some of the aircraft, like this massive B-36)

(The B-36's cockpit is quite impressive)

(But the Flight Engineers station is downright amazing)

(Nate Timm even pulled himself through the tunnel to the tail of the aircraft. You ride a dolly to do this)

(A nice panoramic of the massive hangar)

(Miss Mitchell's crew lined up to meet the remaining Raiders and get their autographs)

(The Raiders pose with the Crew)

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