Friday, April 22, 2011

Around the Hangar

So much work takes place at the hangar every week, it's hard to keep up! If you've been around, you know that there are constantly new faces. There is a large level of participation by younger folks (early 30s and younger) and an increase in the 40 over crowd as well. I believe it'd be safe to say that the Minnesota Wing is one of the most diverse CAF units age wise. It's been great to see everyone work together so well, and work so hard to accomplish the goals of the CAF. I can't wait to see what the next year will bring!
(Photos Thanks to Brian Strom)

(Attendees to the B-25 ground school learn from Alan Miller and Larry Utter)

(Meanwhile the Wing takes delivery of its newest vehicle, a 1942 Dodge WC-21!)

(Alex Otto cleans Miss Mitchell's nacelle in preparation for the first flight)

(Bob Wright and Bob Koelbl install panels on the BT-13)

(Tyler Befort, Matt Stone, Andrew Salih and Roger Ruhland dismantle the WC-21)

(A rather large crowd stands by while Miss Mitchell is rolled out for the first time this year)

(Randy Hendrickson and George Colaizy remove the engine and transmission from the WC-21 frame)

(Parts are washed and prepped for sand blasting)

(Nate Timm adding a circuit breaker to run the bomb release mechanism)

(Alex and Dave Schouveller install some final panels)

(George troubleshoots the M-37. It is now ready to hit the road!)

(Dave stands tall to assist Larry Utter)

(Mikael Menendez removes WC-21 engine accessories)

(Iron Chef Ron Legg is released on the CAF once again! He's testing out the Wing's new grill for the first time... seems to have worked great!)

(Bill Atchison primes WC-21 parts as they are cleaned and stripped)

(A group, donning Purple gloves, sorts through microfilm with every one of the B-25's parts on it in search of specific information... the amazing thing is that they found what they were looking for in a very short period of time!)

(Craig Steinick attaches the touched up L-5 Panel... look for the new L-5 noseart on the next Blog post!)

(Tom Peltier shows his mastery of paint, as usual, by touching up the B-25's tail stripes, and repainting the Olive Drab glare shields... great work Tom!)

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