Friday, March 18, 2011

Winter Staff Conference

The Wing Staff visited Midland Texas late February for the Winter Staff Conference, hosted by CAF HQ. All of the Staff felt that the experience was very positive, and learned quite a bit. Ideas were generated, and are already taking shape at the hangar. The conference also hosts the awards dinner, and newly formed CAF's Got Talent contest.
(Photos Thanks to Kim Pardon)

(HQ Staff introduced themselves through dance this year)

(A Sunny and Cher impression at CAF's Got Talent)

(Steve Brown made an attempt to wow the crowd)

(Bob Stenevick performed a wonderful Andy Kaufman for the crowd)

(To which the judges responded very favorably [Yes, That's Amy Lauria as a judge])

(Bob was incredibly excited to win)

(The MN Wing Staff enjoys a drink at the end of the night)

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