Friday, March 18, 2011

Around the Hangar

Work around the hangar has been punctuated by a couple of parties the last few weeks. The Wing received the Llyod P. Nolen Unit Achievement award for 2010. This is the highest award given by HQ to a Wing or Squadron. We have accomplished a lot in the last year, and it was wonderful to be recognized for it! The Wing hosted pizza, cake and coffee for members for their achievement! Roxie Legg celebrated a birthday last Saturday at the hangar, and that brought sloppy joes and cake for the members, hosted by Ron Legg. Two weeks in a row of food and cake! Work didn't slow down much however, as you can see!
(Photos Thanks to Brian Strom and Keith Struck)

(Matt Myklebust attaches the P-51 gear door to the gear)

(Carol Lovaas imagines the next display for the museum)

(Mark Strausser and Brandan Penaz repair the PT-22's cowling)

(Andrew Salih, Randy Hendrickson and Matt Stone disassemble the 1943 Willys Jeep)

(... While George Colaizy tears down the engine)

(Tim Gunter preps panels for paint, say that 5 times fast)

(John Schmidt helps reassemble the L-5)

(Earl Teporten finds the issue with the nav lamp on the P-51)

(About as torn down as a jeep gets! The 1943 Willys tub is ready to be repaired)

(Al Morphew adds dope and fabric to the B-25's rudders)

(Bill Atchison paints the 1941 Willys gas tanks)

(The Wing celebrates the Llyod P Nolen Unit Award with pizza and cake)

(Congratulations and great work!)

(The award from HQ)

(One party leads to another... this time to celebrate Roxie Legg's birthday)

(Again, cake was served... though Amy Lauria got to it first)

(A view of the Hangar, just as spring is about to break)

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