Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog Update - 19 February to 18 March

Good Evening and congratulations on making it through another Minnesota winter! As usual, the coming of spring means that the maintenance season is ending, and flying season is about to begin! This weekend was the B-25 ground school, and soon all the pilots will be getting recurrent. The work that people have put in over the last month is astounding. People have come out of the woodwork to help, and are excited at the prospect of their FIRST airshow season. For those of us who have done this for so many years, it is exciting to see all of the anxious anticipation for what will likely be a lifelong memory for people.

Although maintenance season is ending, that does not mean work will not be taking place. We are not able to do weddings or events at the hangar this year, so this gives us an opportunity. We can make a mess..... but only for the sake of cleaning up! I fully expect to see items spread around the hangar... cataloging of parts, tools and museum items. Straightening up our filing systems and creating a slick running, organized and visually appealing maintenance/museum space. We will needs lots of help with this, so let me know if you are available!

The Motor Pool just got a brand new vehicle tomorrow! Well, not new, but new to us! A 1942 Dodge WC-21 1/2 ton vehicle was approved for trade with our 1953 Willys Jeep. The vehicle needs some work, but is in excellent shape! Its engine and transmission have been rebuilt and are very strong, and its body is free of rust rot. This will be a great new project for the motor pool, and they are looking to get it completed before 2012.

We have the Grape escape coming up in one week. Get tickets or sign up to help now! It should be an excellent event, with great wine and great music! Thank you to everyone who has helped sponsor this event or is helping put it on! Hope to see you there!

I am personally very excited about a new educational program that we have been working on. We are partnering with Girls With Wings to host Aviation Inspiration Day, a girl-centric event with an interactive educational seminar by GWW founder Lynda Meeks, tours of Wipaire and the CAF, lunch sponsored by Wip and hosted by us, and EAA Young Eagle flights. We are getting as many ideas together as we can to inspire young women to follow their dreams of flight, and are hoping to have a large turnout. It will take place on May 28th at Fleming Field. If you'd like more info, or would like to help plan or work the event please contact Amy Lauria at

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