Friday, January 14, 2011

Blog Update - 09December to 14January

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! This year Christmas Day and New Years Day both fell on a Saturday, but that didn't stop some die-hard members from showing up at the hangar to work! I know, we're a bit nuts.

The Holiday season has been a good one for the CAF. We've gained a number of new members, all of whom are enthusiastic! I have had so many members and visitors comment on how busy the hangar is. We have people working on every aircraft, working in every area of the hangar, and a good sized group at the motor pool. It is amazing, and impossible for any one person to keep track of everything that is going on! This is so great to see, and has new and old members excited about being at the hangar!

Our efforts to cut cold at the Motor Pool are already paying off. The heat runs less and less, and the building stays quite warm. It will be a great place to work once the building projects are completed!

There are a number of new efforts being devised by the Wing Staff and Membership to increase revenue. If you have any suggestions for new revenue to pursue, let us know! We are looking for any way to generate funding, which will allow us to expand, update and procure new items in the museum!

Be sure to make an effort to swing by the hangar, especially on a Saturday, to meet some new members, see the new projects, and get involved with the CAF!

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