Thursday, December 9, 2010

Around the Hangar

We've got a number of members showing up despite the cold! It's great to see everyone, and to see all of the work getting done! Great work all, keep it up!
(Photos Thanks to Brian Strom)

(Fleming Field is snow covered, but that doesn't mean that everything shuts down!)

(Arnie Fick and Ray Miller remove inspection panels on the B-25)

(Kurt Krogmann and Dave Schouveller remove the B-25's rudder)

(The fabric has gotten old and needs to be retreated)

(Larry Utter watches intently as the main landing gear on the B-25 retracts)

(Bob Wright disassembles, inspects and greases the prop on the BT-13)

(Doug Olson removes spark plugs from the PT-22)

(Ray Miller cleans the PT-22's plugs)

(Rudy Nassif works on the PT-22's Kinner engine)

(Nate Timm works to get the B-25's tail turret operating this year)

(George Colaizy checks wiring in the motor pool)

(Bill Atchison adds insulation to the motor pool office)

(Randy Hendrikson and George follow behind with drywall)

(A clean new wall in the motor pool)

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