Monday, September 20, 2010

Wings of Hope Charity Open House

The Open House is a great experience for all involved. A number of reenactors, vehicles, aircraft and people stop in to visit, see the sights and learn about WWII. On top of it, charities such as Second Harvest Food Shelf are featured and contributed to. Look for the Open House next year, it should be quite an event!
(Photos Thanks to Gary Chambers and Max Haynes)

(It was a perfect day to host the Open House)

(Numerous Aircraft stopped in to visit, including this T-50 Bamboo Bomber...)

(... And the World Record holding Miss Mitchell 2, of Flugtag fame!)

(Miss Mitchell ran History Flights all day long)

(The motor pool got involved in the ride program as well, offering rides to those who wanted to stay closer to the ground)

(The presence of the reenactors added significantly to the event, showing the uniforms and gear that would match up to the aircraft on hand [Eric Cheever, Troy LaFaye, Darren Byrnes, Eric Delacruze, Peter Laughlin)

(Eric Cheever and Troy LaFaye, looking the part in the cockpit)

(Eric Delacruze operates the Norden Bombsight)

(Amy Lauria and Eric cruise in the Jeep)

(Troy took a nap, even with the B-25 running!)

(Superman even got involved and took on some Germans!)

(Liz Strophus was asked to show Alan Miller her piloting skills)

(She had no problem doing that!)

(Liz grinned from ear to ear after her flight, which made everyone else grin from ear to ear as well!)

(Liz gets a warm reception when she gets back, the perfect way to end the Open House!)

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