Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aviation Inspiration Day

The First Annual Aviation Inspiration Day was a resounding success, drawing in over 250 people. Families brought their kids to the event for a fun, educational experience. There were activities for everyone, but the focus was on girls, and the day was designed to give them the inspiration and courage to pursue their dreams, whether they involve aviation or not. Girls who attended Lynda Meeks Girls With Wings class were given priority on the Young Eagles rides, and had opportunities to even fly the aircraft! We had our aircraft outside, and kids flocked to tour the B-25, get rides in the WWII vehicles, and enjoy a free lunch, care of Wipaire, and served by Iron Chef Ron Legg and crew. The event was a collaborative idea between Lynda and Amy Lauria. Lynda, seeing it's success, is working to have events like ours hosted around the country (there are currently talks about one in Arizona). If you want to learn more about the day, or check out the excellent feedback, visit Lynda's blog here:
or the Girls With Wings website here:
(Photos Thanks to Girls With Wings)

(The classes, sponsors and tours all started at the Terminal building)

(The common area turned into a sea of people and displays. People shop at the Girls With Wings booth or the CAF's PX. They were able to talk with organizations like the EAA, CAP, CAF and Young Rembrandts)

(Lynda Meeks helps girls demonstrate the properties of thrust versus drag)

(The word "free" surprised everyone even the kids. It was an special treat for a great day! Thanks Wipaire!)

(CAF Ops Officer Mike Schoen also doubles as a lead with the local Young Eagles program, along with Joel Ludwigson [CAF Finance Officer]. The girls were thrilled to put the knowledge they learned in Lynda's class to practice)

(Mike's co-pilot takes the controls, and off they go!)

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