Monday, November 29, 2010

Midland Airsho

Airsho is always a great time! You get a chance to see old friends, meet new ones and see some of the rarest aircraft fly! This year, the B-25, P-51 and Harvard made the trip down. There was a slight feel of political tension, but nothing that overshadowed the excitement of having FIFI fly overhead!
(Photos Thanks to Matt Myklebust)

(A cool day starting in Lakeville. Mike Schoen was nice enough to fly us door to door from Fleming in his plane)

(Lunch/Fuel stop in Pratt, KS attracted a good size crowd)

(Pratt was a B-29 base during WWII)

(Matt Myklebust self potrait, somewhere over flat land in the Harvard)

(Once we got to Midland, Amy Lauria wanted to catch up with an old friend)

(We attended the Membership Meeting, held by the General Staff and Steve Brown)

(Steve impersonates country singer/CAF Member Aaron Tippin (playing the guitar), while the membership are treated to a quick concert)

(John Beyl met us down there, and took the time to make the P-51 shine. It paid off, as the Mustang won Best In Show!)

(Practice day allowed a nice close vantage point for the bomber crews)

(... Great for shots like this!)

(A panoramic shot from Miss Mitchell's vantage point on the bomber ramp.)

(A great shot of the TBM rolling out in the morning)

(The mechanics took a look through the parts warehouse, seeing if there's anything of interest lying around)

(Larry Utter enjoys the beautiful weather on top of Miss Mitchell's wing)

(By far the most exciting part of the trip is the first time we saw FIFI's wheels leave the dirt)

(Having had all the fun we could stand, a number of us went to fix a Harvard problem that was found during a walk-around. A little sheet metal, some rivets and we were all good to go.)

(We found the rest of the group telling stories...)

(... Having a refreshing beverage...)

(... and having a great time with like-minded individuals)

(As usual, Midland Airsho was a great experience!)

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