Monday, November 29, 2010

Around the Hangar

So much has been going on, even these pictures don't capture half of it! One new item at the hangar is a flat screen TV in the break room, set up so that the members can monitor activity on a newly installed security camera system! Another item to keep an eye out for, wireless high-speed internet throughout the hangar! It should be running within a couple weeks!
(Photos Thanks to Brian Strom)

(John Beyl performs a 25 hour inspection on the P-51)

(Tom Goodwill takes a loot at the tail gear doors on the P-51)

(Bill Atchison performs some body work on the '48 Chevy)

(Ray Miller works on a sheetmetal plate for the B-25)

(Jerry Piazza sands the hood for the '48 in preparation for paint)

(Larry Utter cleans the leading edge in preparation for the trip to Midland TX)

(George Colaizy leads the effort to remove the tug transmission)

(Iver Jackson sorts and cleans in the motorpool)

(George Colaizy and Bill Atchison repaint the Motorpool wall. There are plans to turn it into a display wall with posters and information about the vehicles)

(Linda Franke, our new PX Officer, has done a wonderful job of reorganizing the PX. She and Jim Gilmore are working together to get us some great new items for next year!)

(The B-25 on jacks allows for Mark Strausser to inspect the brakes)

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