Friday, April 30, 2010

Doolittle Raider Reunion

It was an honor to be a part of history this month. "Miss Mitchell", along with 16 other B-25s, overflew the USAF Museum, and were able to meet, chat and dine with 4 of the remaining Doolittle Raiders (out of 8). This gathering was larger than any in recent history, equal to that of the filming of Catch-22! The pictures speak for themselves. What a trip!
(Select Photos Thanks to Nate Timm)

(On the ramp in Anoka to meet up with "Betty's Dream" and "Lady Luck" from C&P Aviation)

(This flight gave me the opportunity to try out my new camera and Telephoto lens!)

("Betty's Dream" is an incredibly authentic B-25, featured in an earlier blog post, while "Lady Luck" is a comfortable ride)

(Decent shot... in my opinion)

(As you can see, the weather went from gray and rainy to perfection!)

(From the ramp in Urbana, OH. The B-25s line up to transition to Dayton)

(B-25s as far as the camera can see!!!!)

(The reason we are here. Four of the eight remaining Doolittle Raiders)

(Each aircraft received a plaque, arranged and purchased by the Doolittle Raiders, to commemorate the event. Alan Miller accepts on behalf of "Miss Mitchell" and the MN Wing)

(Once the day was over we gathered at the end of the field...)

(Which made for quite a sight!)

(The tail-end charlies... All 5 operating CAF B-25s are in this picture!)

(Each Raider's name was carved into a goblet, and is held in this case built by Dick Cole, Doolittle's co-pilot. When a Raider passes away, the goblet is turned upside down. When only two Raiders remain, they will toast their departed comrades with a bottle of 1896 Hennesey [birth year of Jimmy Doolittle]. Adam Galloway, Nate Timm, Mark Erickson and Alan Miller are pictured)

(We were given a guided tour of the restoration facility at the Air Force Museum. This is the original "Memphis Belle" being restored for display)

(This aircraft appealed to me... the X-32A, Boeing's concept for the Joint Strike Fighter. It lost to the X-35, Lockheed's concept)

("The Swoose" is a B-17D, the oldest B-17 in known existance)

(For those of you who have never seen one, this is a B-25H with a 75mm cannon installed)

(Larry Utter in the nose, flying past Chicago)

(Flying straight over Navy Pier)

(Looking back from the tail gunner position... what an amazing trip!)

(The crew - Mark Erickson, Me (Jim Lauria), Nate Timm, Gary Chambers, Alan Miller, Jim Gilmore, Adam Galloway and Larry Utter. The photo was taken by Adam White, producer of "Red Tail Reborn" and the coming TV show "The Restorers". The Minnesota Wing, "Miss Mitchell" and the Doolittle Reunion will be a feature on the show. Visit for more info!)

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