Friday, April 30, 2010

Around the Hangar - Finishing Up Maintenance

Okay, so maintenance will never be finished, but we are rolling the aircraft out from a maintenance heavy winter, and have begun to operate some of them. This set of pictures covers the last month of work, and it was a LOT of work! Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen!
(Select Photos Thanks to Brian Strom)

(Doug Olson puts finishing touches on the PT-22)

(Big Dave, Andy Schmidt and Jim Heimann begin reassembling the cowl rails under Roby Bybee's supervision)

(Bob Koelbl and Bob Wright work on the Harvard's Pratt R-1340 Engine)

(Arnie Fick and Ray Miller work on a spare B-25 rudder)

(No worries, Roger van Ranst and Roby Bybee are on top of it!)

(Whew, all that hard work... we need a break!)

(Alright, back to it! Bob removes the Harvard's wheels for inspection.)

(We had a number of people stop in for tours. Gary Stinar is showing some folks around)

(Big Dave, Larry Utter and I verify the proper operation of the nose gear. Yes, we did this once before, but a new repair required that we reinspect.)

(Bob inspects, greases and retorques the tail wheel on the Harvard)

(Sure is nice to pull everything outside after a long winter! Adam Galloway and Roby keep an eye out to make sure everything is clear)

(Everything got a good wash down)

(And had final panels closed up and safetied)

(A lot of hard work rewarded by a nice day, and a clean aircraft!)

(Never hurts to throw some food in there too! Steak and fries made for a great lunch)

(Mark Strausser and Roger work on the final look over of the B-25)

(Larry Utter looks over the entire aircraft for anything we may have missed)

(Amy Lauria gets us all fueled up)

(Running up the new engine! It ran great! As an aside, can you believe this photo came from Amy's phone??? Awesome)

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