Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Around the Hangar

Always the best place to see what is going on at the Minnesota Wing, this Around the Hangar post will be rather large indeed. I have a month an a half of photos to catch up on, and not nearly enough space to put them all! These are some highlights of the hard work going on at the Wing lately.
(Photos Thanks to Brian Strom)
(Nate Timm and Art Minkle guide a tour group through the hangar)

(The B-25 is lifted on jacks and the gear is retracted to make sure everything works right)
(Larry Utter makes sure everything clears properly in the nose gear well)

(Larry stands clear while the nose gear goes up)

(Always keep a lookout for prop blades! They can be dangerous, as Bob Wright found out)
(Earl Teporten checks for power in the engine nacelle... tight fit!)
(Amy Lauria and Bob work on the Harvard prop... Hammers and screwdrivers!)
(Like a blur, Steve Wagoner cleans the B-25's steps)
(Tim Gunter preps the BT-13's gear for paint)

(The first event of the year was Roxi Legg's Birthday Party)

(All prepped and ready to go!)

(Congratulations Roxi!)

(Bob puts the BT-13's brake line back after paint)

(One of my favorite days of the year is the first day you can open the hangar door)
(It's cool, but nice to sit on the ramp and take a break)

(Having found a problem, Adam Galloway and Roby Bybee replace a cylinder)

(Bob Koelbl and Mike Schoen remove the Harvard cowling)

(Open hole in the LH engine)

(The motorpool is getting some help!)

(Tucker Goodwin and Bill Atchison weld the Jeeps drivers sheet)
(More tours at the Hangar... it's been great to see so many people visit!)

(Tom Peltier preps the B-25 floor for paint)

(Bob cleans cowling in the pleasant weather)

(Painting up the floor)

(Craig Steineck and Phil Stanton review the Link Trainer manual in preparation for repairs)

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