Friday, February 12, 2010

A Hop Over to Harker's

Our B-25 projects are coming along. Everything we are working on has a manual, diagram or drawing to reference. But being able to look at, touch and measure that same project that is already completed takes hours, even days, off of a project. I had a co-worker who called it "Going to school" on another aircraft. What luck it is that C&P Aviation in Anoka county has not one, but TWO B-25s! Both are in flying condition, though there are many differences between the two. "Lady Luck" is a glass nose configuration, and the interior is focused on comfort. It's a transport vehicle with a warbird exterior... very nice for getting around! "Betty's Dream", a hard-nosed B-25, is as detailed on the inside as it is outside. This was our classroom for the day! It was an experience to walk around the C&P facility. Projects included a from-scratch roadster, the F-82 Twin Mustang, rare PT and L-bird aircraft, vintage motorcycles and cars. Their massive hangars contained the two B-25s, a private jet, a Cessna 182 on Floats, a Cessna 172, an L-13, a T-6 and a Grumman Albatross!
A special Thank You to John Roxbury who answered all of our questions, and allowed us free access to the hangar and aircraft!
(Select Photos Thanks to Matt Holland)

(The Grumman Albatross is quite the people hauler!)

(A wall full of toys. Liaison and trainer aircraft, motorcycles, go-carts, all kinds of great stuff!)

(Classic and brand new cars line the back wall of the hangar)

(Lady Luck shines)

(She's a glass nose B-25, with a lot of the original exterior equipment)

(The reason we are here, the uber-original B-25 Betty's Dream)

(She's a hard nose B-25 with 8 .50 cals mounted up front)

(Bob Wright, Doug Olson and Dave Schouveller look over the B-25s carefully)

(The front fuselage section of Betty's Dream is a bit more cramped than Miss Mitchell)

(As is the tail... strings of .50 cal shells run to the tail gunner position)

(Matt Holland looks over the radio racks in the waist of the aircraft)

(Earl Teporten looks over the bomb release system)

(Dave and Earl on the business end of the bomb bay)

(Once our photos were collected, we had some fun looking over the F-82 Twin Mustang)

(The restoration work is immaculate, a perfect example of a nearly forgotten aircraft)

(Nate Timm checks for part numbers while Tom Youngdahl talks shop with John Roxbury. Thanks again John!)

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  1. I just wanted to say that Betty's Dream looks great, my great grandfather would be proud that you guys have taken such care to keep these pieces of our history alive. He was one of the original crew in WWII. I wish he was still around to see her one more time. From my grandfather and myself, thanks guys.