Friday, February 12, 2010

Blog Update - 20January to 12February

Good Evening Everyone!
Over the last few weeks I have collected up information for these posts, but also have had little time to devote to this update. We've been meeting with city and state officials during our attempts to upgrade our facility. Things are going well, and I suspect we will see movement starting in May and June with physical work being performed on the hangar! We're also starting to come to a close with our maintenance season. This means time will have to be spent finishing up inspections, repairs and projects that could impede flight of the aircraft. That shouldn't be a problem however, as work has been going very smoothly. We have a number of people who have dedicated themselves to the cause of maintaining the aircraft, and they have done a terrific job!

On top of that, Brent Darling, Larry Utter, Bob Wright and Doug Olson took a trip to Oshkosh last weekend. They hauled "Devil Dog's" repaired propeller, and installed it, making the trip in one day. "Devil Dog" had an engine failure which damaged the prop during Oshkosh Airshow in August of '09. We picked up the prop, took it to the shop at Crystal Airport and stored it until they had their engine overhauled. Once the prop was installed, "Devil Dog" had a test flight performed, and was quickly, and successfully, returned to Texas. Congrats to the "Devil Dog" team, and Thank You to everyone from the MN Wing who helped get her back in the air!

On another topic, we are starting to see different opportunities pop up around the Wing. As we know, pilots and mechanics are needed, but we are also in need of folks who can catalog parts, help set up the museum, work on motor pool vehicles, perform carpentry, electrical and plumbing upgrades and repairs, marketing and the much much less daunting task of cleaning around the hangar. If you are at all interested in volunteering some time, we have projects that need doing!

As it gets warmer (or we get more used to the cold) be sure to stop by and see what's happening! Thank you all for your dedication to the goals of the Minnesota Wing!

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