Monday, January 18, 2010

A Maintenance Operation

It's how we started, a group of people who dedicated their time to a fleet of aircraft that wasn't even based within 1000 miles of here! We've come a long way, but never forgot the tradition of excellence in maintenance. This winter brings about an engine change on "Miss Mitchell" and the very in-depth inspections that we have become very accustomed to.
(Select Photos Thanks to Earl Teporten and Brian Strom)

(Bob Koelbl removes inspection panels on the BT-13)

(Tim Gunter polishes the BT-13 while Bob strikes the classic Mechanic pose [hands in pockets])

(Bob and Amy Lauria begin the engine inspection)

(Tim looks things over closely)

(Just a skeleton of what it normally is)

(Tim, Bob, Larry Utter and Gary Chambers take a break to chat with Spook Johns. He always has the best stories and jokes!)

(The B-25 wings are all opened up. Big Dave and Roger Van Ranst inspect for damage)

(Donning facemasks while working with some powerful cleaners)

(The engine is just about ready to mount.)

(Larry, Art Minkle, Brian Strom, Dick Leighninger, Steve Wagoner and Big Dave push the hoist and engine into position)

(Larry takes a position above while Steve and Dave steady the engine)

(With all the accessories attached, caution is the name of the game)

(Dave peers into the engine, making sure everything aligns correctly)

(Larry removes the hoist from the engine)

(As clean as this engine will ever be! The engine is hung, now to hook everything up!)

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