Monday, January 18, 2010

Blog Update - 19December to 18January

A BIG Happy New Year to Everyone!
The holidays bogged down my plans to get out some updates, followed by an immense amount of work to get the year started off right! We've got some amazing prospects on the horizon and have been working to expand the museum, our aircraft collection and the way that the Minnesota Wing presents history. We (the Staff) are incredibly excited about the direction we have started in, and are working very hard to make sure it becomes a reality in the VERY near future. The prospects range from small projects to very large and complicated ones. Miss Mitchell, as you know, is having work done to various original parts. This means a more original aircraft, with some very interesting armament and radio details! I look forward to seeing some of these systems in action! Our hangar has been our haven since the beginning. It honestly hasn't seen a lot of change in the last 10 years, or more. We are working on the funding to restore our hangar, putting up new doors, new walls, adding a fire suppression system and a whole lot more. Along with that, we are working to procure the hangar next door, making for double the size in floor space! This would be a huge move! I will keep everyone informed as these projects will be seeing a LOT of progress in the next few weeks (yes, I said WEEKS). We hope for the best as we strive into this unknown territory for the Wing, but with the amount of time, effort and talent that our members are throwing at our various projects, it's not going to be "if" we can do something, but "when". Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard!

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