Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween Party

The Halloween party was terrific, with great costumes, good music, fun games and food. Enjoy the variety of costumes! More photos available at
(Photos Thanks to Matt Holland and Art Minkle)
(Ken Martinson is ready to raid a blood bank)

(Ron "Iron Chef" Legg reminds me of my lunchroom servers in middle school.....)

(It took Steve Shumaker 4 hours to get into this outfit and made-up)

(Tacos and drinks were available to the crowd... operated by a group of members)

(Cadet Don Bystrom will help you taxi in!)

(Matt Holland and Joel Brown take a moment to look at some photos)

(Jazz Etc. played a great set of swing music...)

(...For a great crowd of dancers)

(Amy Lauria gains Klingon support for the Red Tail Project!)

(Bob Koelbl the safari hunter and a google-eyed Tim Gunter serve drinks)

(Aviator and Aviatrix themes fit in quite well here)

(Mike Martin donned perhaps the scariest costume of all... at least to me!)

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