Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall Flights

The BT-13, Harvard and L-5 are getting a little flight time. The fall colors make for a great view, and our pilots are eager to see them. Some of our members had the chance to fly along with them!
(Photos Thanks to Earl Teporten)
(Craig Rodberg and Tim Gunter stand by while Bob Koelbl gets Ron Legg prepared for his first flight in the BT-13)

(Ron is all set as Craig runs through the checklist)

(Engine started, ready to roll out)

(Lift off, with a great spread of leaf colors as a backdrop)

(Craig and Ron make it safely back...)

(...and seem to have enjoyed themselves very much!)

(Next up, Craig takes Tim up in the L-5)
(Another great lift-off shot by Earl Teporten)

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