Monday, March 24, 2014

Around the Hangar

Good day all!
Some photos for you of work taking place around the hangar.  There have been some major changes and we expect to roll out some new additions to step up our game as a museum.  Help is always appreciated as we start in on these projects!  Expect more photos of the work taking place, and the (slow) transition into spring time and the flying season!
The L-5 is up on jacks getting close to finished with the annual inspection

The Bomb Release System is functional, and ready to drop

Speaking of bomb bays, here is the new bomb bay travel box for the bomber.  It coverts into a table for PX as well!

The BT-13 is nearly ready to get back to flying, just some wing walk to add!

The B-25 right rudder fabric was getting pretty rough.  We took it down to the metal and recovered... next up is the left, and we will be teaching any member who wants to learn!
An upside down canopy for a Navion.  We are trading for an L-17 style canopy.  This one is getting cleaned up and new glass in preparation for the trade.

There is a lot of new metal going on the Navion.  The vertical stabilizer gets all new covering.

The Navion's fuselage, all stripped out.

The Wings sit next to it, in the project zone.

An example of the excellent work being performed on the Navion.  Skins on both sides of the fuselage are being replaced.  This will be a new aircraft when done!

Speaking of new... a new-old stock firewall is ready for install!

The Museum has new cases, new displays and an all new look!

The displays are just getting formed, but are coming along really well (as in the near complete mural in the background!)

These fairly odd looking contraptions were donated recently.  They are video kiosks, and are being reprogrammed to show videos of the aircraft, the wing, and what we do!  They will be a huge part of our future as a museum!

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