Tuesday, May 8, 2012

70th Doolittle Raiders Reunion

This year marked the 70th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid, the daring attack on Japan led by Jimmy Doolittle. This year, only 5 of the raiders are alive, and only 4 were able to attend.  20 B-25s attended to honor them, flying first into Grimes Field, Urbana OH, then to the closed runway of the Air Force Museum in Dayton OH.  It was an amazing sight to see, and was truly heaven for anyone who had an affinity for the B-25.  Different models, different configurations, and most important, the veterans who flew the aircraft were all in attendance to show their piece of history.
(Photos Thanks to Matt Jolley, Adam White, Gary Chambers, Randy Bigler and Bob Koelbl)
The crew just before taking off for Urbana

Barbie III, am H model with the 75MM Cannon in the nose.
Panchito and Axis Nightmare overfly Urbana
Spectacular view of Urbana.
 Miss Mitchell, Devil Dog, Yellow Rose and  Maid in the Shade, all CAF aircraft, are visible here.
Champaign Gal, based in Urbana, joins the formation.
The Main hangar in Urbana
Adam White and Kara Martinelli had a showing of The Restorers, featuring the Minnesota Wing.
It was very well attended!
Matt Jolley's (warbirdradio.com) fantastic photo of the 20 B-25s on Mission Day!

The B-25s overflew the Air Force Museum in formations.
The Raiders watch a formation of B-25s larger than any since WWII

The MN Wing crew with the Raiders

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