Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dance Day!

As most of us are aware, Dance night is preceded by work, a LOT of work. Setting up the hangar, cooking the food, getting the band ready, and that is just what happens the day of, not the weeks and months prior to the event. The dance itself requires a lot of work as well; parking, counting money, working the gate and the bar are just a few of the jobs. And the end of the dance requires cleanup, which takes until about 2 a.m. Despite all this hard work, we all still manage to have a great time!
(Photos Thanks to Matt Holland, Earl Teporten and Brian Strom)

(A good kickoff to the day was a visit by WASP Liz Strohfus. It is always great to see her!)

(Not only can visitors dance, they can get up close and personal with weapons, vehicles and aircraft from WWII)

(Bob Koelbl directs traffic, there really is nothing else I can say....)

(Dancers enjoying the night)

(The Roseville Big Band played a fantastic set)

(It was a beautiful night for the dance)

(The pipe band always draws the crowd in)

(Honoring our Veterans is a hugely important part of the night)

(Gary Stinar and the girls from With A Twist served the drinks)

(People danced into the night, enjoyed themselves, and made our dance successful once again!)

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